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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
современный отель (Пекин) (Guantong Modern Hotel (Beijing Qianmen)), современный отель (Пекин, передние ворота), расположен на переднем заборе, город чжу, богатые коммерческие туристические районы, рядом с Пекинской станцией, Западной остановкой Пекина, много автобусов перед входом, географическое расположение, очень удобный транспорт.современный стиль отделки, большой зал и дверь комнаты, туалетные принадлежности и кран, отель вся мебель, Пол с использованием фирменных товаров, элегантный и простой.в отеле есть все необходимое для того, чтобы добраться до отеля, и есть все необходимое для того, чтобы добраться до отеля.телевидение, кондиционер, всепогодная горячая вода и другие необходимые услуги, чтобы каждый посетитель наслаждался теплотой дома.кафе в вестибюле современного отеля (бывшего входа в Пекин) не только идеальное место для гостей и друзей, но и возможность пользоваться компьютером, предоставляемым отелем для поиска, приема и отправки, е - Мэл, удобное расположение для размещения гостей.Цель отеля: современный стиль, новые чувства, зеленая охрана окружающей среды, звездное обслуживание, удобные и быстрые, экономические преимущества.
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  • e02880337
    Hotel location is very good, very close to the front door, go out the subway station, the rooms are very clean, and all in all very good.
  • lujianwei1202
    Clean, good location
  • augsnow
    Was very close to Pearl City station, turn right go out, is the front door across the street food festival. two standard rooms small, but everything, rooms have heating, air conditioning as well. overall, the value can be
  • FangSally
    Good ~ ~ both services and health ~~ is full of stars ~~ too close to the main subway exit
  • wenjing79
    Metro beads city mouth c export. left go several step, in a article small alley in. room facilities somewhat simple and old, but health also can, reception also is enthusiasm. hotel kitchen do of dish good, especially 20 of breakfast quite value, location superior, right hand had flyover a will on can walk to big fence, from cheap square duck this junction in, straight go 20 minutes on can to Tiananmen Square
  • candicewxd
    Out there is a metro station, very convenient, the service is good, the environment is good, overall very satisfied with everything
  • lucylili1002
    Mama holiday, to the booked room type no, complimentary room upgrades to the window, but need to go back to her the next day, think the trouble behind stayed 4 nights pay ... room was clean, small but enough, go out is to turn right subway station, very convenient, recommended occupancy.
  • m04609862
    Very good room did not smell
  • carl1967
    Location was easy, service was good, the transportation is convenient, the next opportunity would come
  • ljrenju
    Clean, convenient, door Metro, take Line 7 line to Beijing West station. is near from the dashilan commercial Street, walking distance to Tiananmen Square Palace. near a mall and roots stage. value for money-good, next time I go to Beijing or live there.
  • E03566032
    From the front door not close but not far away, health is also good, not particularly high requirements to choose from, space can be, is next to the site, but sound good, just didn't see is said to be very close to the snack Street, overall satisfaction, service very good
  • gaoxianfeng
    Good, and others online evaluation, value hotels
  • liuxiang0228
    Traffic don't say it, they go out the subway, bus. KFC Beijing go a few steps to the local breakfast. Although construction outside, but did not affect the rest. Hotel facilities, since it is not star hotels, of course, is pragmatism. Hotel service is good, the clerk greeted the initiative. Plan on staying here next time.
  • ceepbit
    Hotel entrance is the subway station, convenient travel, staff, service, overall I feel very good, is some small rooms, I took MOM and dad provide superior business room, plus a bed, it is cramped
  • anya_y
    Parents made, traffic is very convenient, elderly people are satisfied with
  • faye_yeung
    Hotel OK, night sleep is quiet of. room somewhat small. to Tiananmen Temple of Heaven are is near, walk more than 10 minutes. next has a metro station called beads city mouth station. near nothing dinner of place. General for also line, downstairs that tourism of even has, participate in had there of wall added tombs tour, tour time probably 2 hours, day are in car and shopping, is upset
  • m00709750
    Good. affordable. good location.
  • Andyliu83
    Hotel is very clean and facilities. transportation, pedestrian street close to the front door. satisfaction with the price is not expensive.
    At is select location best of hotel, was good, door next on has Metro, also has Road opposite is front door Street and big fence Street, to Liu old root on walk 7 minutes around also has next of alley what of, walk to Tiananmen about to 30 minutes, General is is convenient of. hotel service good, although room facilities poor has points, but daily are clean health, feel good, wireless network poor has points, signal weak.
  • evelyn1982
    From the Qianmen Street close, clean
  • futegol
    Once upon a menhaoyang Hotel moved to this hotel of, environment on not said has, at least than Hao yanggao two a star, Hao Yang except away from Tiananmen near what advantages are no, noise almost no, corridor was call, phone in sister spoiled brat of voice are listening to of to, here is good, noise is good, next door couple toss so big movement I here listening to not to, is out Shi passing door heard inside bed straight ring, through modern only of shortcomings on a, two bed a on with Windows, bigWinter wind blows, another for air conditioning, air conditioning not adjustable wind direction, therefore cheating the sky cleared towards mid-night were blowing hot wake up several times, after midnight for bed and cold can't, you don't open the window!
  • angel817
    I is the senior business room with parents to add beds, the rooms, clean, breakfast was great, very close to Tiananmen Square, convenient, highly recommended!
  • e02158432
    Very good, Metro, rooms are small but clean, very satisfied
  • e00049425
    Room was small, but clean and comfortable.
  • beibei6743293
    Gate will have a subway, easy bus a little far is also very convenient, nice
  • e01499577
    Transportation is very convenient, public transportation, Metro is at the door a few minutes distance.
  • tinaray
    Nice hotel, service is warm, clean, turn right go out is Line 7 subway, convenient.
    Location, nothing to say, drawbacks; night subway construction impact too rested; toilet hygiene needs to be strengthened.
  • cigecige
    Hotel location is good, Metro Line 7 line c export out on can see has, do Metro bus are is convenient, to front door big fence also is near. front desk service is good, hotel also can dining, taste good chuan taste of. is room bathroom compared small, night Metro construction on time 12 points to morning 5 points, sleep like quiet of will feel is noisy. other of OK has.
  • m01002054
    Very good-Nice-the subway-
  • dongdong121
    Location is an advantage, the other will.
  • gjl20042003
    Family is satisfied, said the room was clean, convenient, to come to Beijing to live there
  • e00002916
    Good very good, stayed an extra day
  • ice_t
    Nice home standards and simply there is no disposable slippers but the traffic is very convenient metro and bus stations very close is particularly convenient for where is very far from the hotel you can see the hotel sign is very hard to find great recommended
  • diana_sunyue
    Go out the Subway Line 7 line, from the front door close, very convenient, near is little breakfast.
  • dyyy0211
    Great location, in the exit of the Subway Line 7 line, across the street is the front door, three bus station to Tiananmen Square, only two or three stops from the Temple of heaven, although the rooms are not very big, but very clean. the hotel's breakfast is also good.
  • jeanau
    Hotel location and convenient transportation, there are many famous attractions nearby, such as Qianmen, Tiananmen Square, Temple of heaven Park. hotel facilities is very good, rooms are small but very dry net. especially staff very good.
  • cocowong3
    Location is hard to find, particularly convenient for transportation, walking a minute is Line 7 subway, no window in the room not too good, others are satisfied, you can also free inch luggage, continued to live with his mother for a day
  • dulang929
    Hotels convenient services, great
  • alating
    Metro Line 7 zhushikou station exit c, turned to the West saw it, zhushikou intersection, that's easy, 20 meters away; the room is small but very clean, to the dahongmen clothing city bus station is 100 metres away, across the street is a large fence
  • jsrgdf
    Out easy and convenient, but the room in General
  • gmdong
    Location very convenient, walk 20 minutes to Tiananmen Square, go out the Metro Line 7, eating is also close to the fence. rooms are OK, good health, hot water, there is no disposable slippers
  • fyxtb
    Convenient, good sanitation, good service!
  • incotec
    Will live
  • fjc881207
    Service is very good, rooms are clean and very satisfying.
  • gtt72620258
    You can also, but has been under martial law, not as a military parade, a pity
  • myjoy911
    Friends, good location, room a bit small
  • aerostone
    Hotel price is relatively high, suitable living, is close to the distance from the front door, Metro is close, remember c
  • e00104574
    Location. in-room amenities
  • personal Wang but
    In back of the 7th Metro zhushikou exit c, the traffic is very convenient. can walk north to Front Street, Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city. the hotel buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner a la carte, economical! breakfast is also very good!